Library?! Did you just say library?!! I'll switch them books for rum!!!

Fundamentals and rules of the game:

The idea of this game


The purpose of this game is to collect as many coins as possible and bring them to your ship. Seek them by fair means or foul. Do you like to bravely go into battle, tactfully avoid meetings with enemies, and you are a skillful truce envoy? It is in your power. The main thing is to catch cherished gold!!!



Fight - if you stand on a cell with an enemy (except a Jungle cell) than all enemy's units (except Chunga-Changa) go to the ship (if a Fight has been on water, enemy's Pirates die). 


Death - a Pirate dies, if he: has been shot out from a Gun to enemy's Ship, has been attacked by enemy's unit in water, has got into a cycle, or was on the way of a Cannonball

Description of cell fields:



Arrows – you cannot stand or leave items on this square. Choose any offered direction and proceed right away.

Gold, just like other Items, cannot be brought to the Fortress, Jungle, or unopened squares, and it cannot stay on Arrows or Ice. And never forget that gold sinks in the sea without a trace.

Labyrinths - a number of moves required for leaving the square is shown on it. You may enter Labyrinths with items and fight there if you are on the same interval with enemy. You may pick up any left item after coming to a required interval. There are 4 kinds of labyrinths - for 2, 3, 4, and 5 moves.

Ice - repeat your move in the same direction. If you have come on ice by horse, the move is duplicated.

Trap – after standing on this square, you fall to a hole; you can rescue your pirate if another pirate comes to the aid of him - to rescue him or the enemy attacks you (then the enemy remains in a trap and you move to the ship). Items remain on the square. You can escape from the Trap without other unit's aid - just drink a bottle of Rum.

Gun - after finding it, a Pirate has a pleasant flight directed by the gun tube and lands on water with items sinking or on his ship with items remaining on it.

Horse – do a horse's move as a knight's move in old good chess.

Castle - nobody can attack you since walls protect a pirate well. You cannot enter the fortress with an Item.

Resurrecting Castle – the same Castle but with a small surprise - you can resurrect a lost pirate instead of a move (but you cannot resurrect additional characters as you cannot have more than three pirates).
Rum Cask - a pirate who has found a Rum Cask enjoys it and doesn't make the next move - but you may use other Pirates.

Crocodile - a Pirate cannot enter this square and returns to the square from which the move has been made. If that initial square forces you again to go to the crocodile's square, the Pirate dies.

Cannibal – after finding the cannibal, a Pirate becomes his dinner i.e. perishes.

Balloon - fly to the ship, and Items you have do the same. Repeated entering the balloon causes repetition of actions.

Plane - a found Plane can send you with Items to any square of the island, both opened and closed, at any convenient move while you are standing on this square. As soon as you leave the square, the plane breaks. A tricky square.



Wheelbarrow - can transport any 2 items, cannot enter a fortress or go on closed squares and in jungle.

Cannonball – you may find Cannonballs in the island jungle. After carrying a cannonball as far as a certain place, you can shoot it with a boom; all items and units on its way will be destroyed except ships and items on them. They sink.
Boat – after launching it from any coast, you get an additional Ship. It may be loaded by items, used as a place for landing from the Balloon, but you cannot "start" with it after defeat in fight. On land, you may carry the Boat as an Item (to enter with it on closed squares, into the Fortress or Jungle is prohibited).

Beacon - using it, you can open any 4 closed squares and then it disappears.

Bottle of Rum – after emptying a bottle, you can overcome a number of obstacles without effort: pass a labyrinth by 1 move, get out of a hole on your own. You may treat somebody to Rum - with rum.

Bullion – it is equal to three coins (carried as a single Item)

Cave – there are 4 entrances-exits in all. If you are the first who have opened a square (have found an entrance to the Cave), you are lost until another such square is opened (i.e. an exit from the Cave). A reshuffle of pirates of the players who have found these squares take place at this moment; it occurs only once. You may enter a cave with Items. Every time you enter the Cave, you should choose another one and pass to it if it is not closed by another player. (If another Player stands by the Cave exit, this exit is closed for you. If for any reasons you have stood on the Cave square and have not moved, than you should leave the square and enter it once again to move.)

Earthquake – swap over any two opened squares not occupied by Items or players.

Jungle - any number of players and their pirates can be on this square; while passing Jungle, they do not attack each other and do not carry their items.

Shaitan-weeds - after finding this square, you move for the next player by his Pirate. Each player repeats the same regarding the player following him. Valid only for one round.

Pirate – a Pirate lives somewhere on the island; if you find him, he may become a full crew member.

Missionary - does not carry items, does not attack, and cannot be attacked. Rum, in any kind, transforms him into a usual Pirate.

Chunga-Changa - can carry items, cannot attack, passes labyrinths by one move, cannot be trapped, and is on friendly terms with the cannibal. Being attacked, Chunga-Changa goes over to the enemy. Rum kills him.